Toyota Vigo Hilux Xtra Cab Ute Silver #83107


Toyota Vigo Hilux Silver Xtra Cab


Bilstein 4″ Inch Lift Kit.


Fitted to this Toyota Vigo Xtra Cab whilst on the Hoist at Superior was this huge Bilstein 4″ Lift Kit. Check out the height of this badboy now.

This 4″ Bilstein kit comprises of the following parts:

  • 2 x Front Superior Coil Springs
  • 2 x Front Bilstein 4″ Struts
  • 2 x Rear Bilstein 4″ Shocks
  • 2 x Extended Rear Shackles
  • 2 x Rear EFS Leaf Springs
  • 2 x Superior Upper Control Arms
  • 1 x Superior Diff Drop Kit
  • 1 x Superior Sway Bar Relocation Kit
  • 1 x Extended Rear Brake Lines
  • 1 x Extended U-Bolt Kit
  • 1 x Polyurethane Bush Kit


View the Bilstein 4″ Lift Kit for the Toyota Vigo Hilux Here

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  1. Hey there! I am over in Western Australia, Perth.

    Is this system legal in QLD? I currently have a 3″ Bilstein Lift Kit on my 2005 Toyota Hilux Space Cab with a tray and was wondering if both the 3″ lift kit and a 2″ body lift will fit 35″ tyres?

    I currently have a set of 33’s on now with just the 3″ lift kit and no scrubbing at all but was looking at putting a body lift in anyway just to get that extra clearance from the tyres to the cab itself. That body lift would obviously help but would there be anything I’d need to do extra to make them fit easy such as anything on the front end or relocating body mounts things like that?

    Could you give me extra advice? Cheers

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