Toyota Vigo Hilux Dual Cab White #99047


Toyota Vigo Hilux White Dual Cab


This Vigo Hilux Dual Cab has been fitted with a quality MCC 4×4 Bullbar whilst on the hoist.

Here are some of the Features & Benefits of a MCC 4×4 Bullbar:

  • New fog light design for unique shape of plastic framed cover fog lights incorporated with bigger fog lights for poor weather conditions.
  • This bullbar and the vast majority of MCC bars incorporate two CB aerial brackets, welded behind the top cross tube.
  • Allowing for vehicle mounted aerials to be use when traveling in remote areas.
  • MCC’s Mounting systems are designed to spread impact and winching loads evenly over the vehicle chassis, ensuring the bull bar functions properly in extreme circumstances.
  • This bullbar and most of the MCC bullbar designs incorporate T Hi Lift jack to be inserted directly into the bar and eliminating the need for a mounting bracket.
    These points also enable easier access to the clutch lever when unspooling the winch cable before winching.
  • Spotlight mounting point located at the proper position to enhance your driving vision.
  • Each bullbar upright is cut from a single piece of quality steel and extends from the top tube through the bumper section and actually forms part of the chassis mount.
  • You can ensure the whole outer frame receives the maximum possible support.


View the MCC 4×4 Bullbar Here

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