Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab Todu 11111


Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series


Superior 4WD accessories


This 79 series Toyota Landcruiser from “Top of Down Under” TV Show has been fully kitted out with a complete range of 4WD accessories and suspension parts from Superior Engineering.

What’s In The Kit:

Top Of Down Under’s” 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser… On the Hoist at Superior Engineering.

This 79 Series stood up to incredible and brutal treatment on its latest adventure to the Top End of Australia.

The new suspension upgrade provided the vehicle with a much nicer ride on the bitumen, while also being extremely capable to withstand the punishment and rigors of remote touring on the rough stuff.

Several times on the trip, it was used as the lead vehicle, because of the added underbody protection.

Some of the support vehicles and camera cars broke down with damaged draglinks, whereas the 79 Series with the Superior Engineering draglink and tierod had no issues.

This fitout includes the following Superior parts:

  • 4140 Draglink (6139)
  • 4140 Tie Rod (2803
  • Front Panhard Rod (8175)
  • 4″ Performance Series Superflex Arms (19970)
  • Radiator Guard (23361)


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