Nissan Patrol GU Wagon Gold 60387


Nissan Patrol GU Wagon


Superior 3″ Inch Remote Reservoir Superflex Lift Kit


Superior Engineering has put together a lift kit with Superflex Radius Arms to lift the GU 2000 on Wagon Nissan Patrol 3″ inches.

What’s In The Kit:

This suspension kit includes the following Suspension parts:

  • 2 x Front Superior Engineering Coil Springs
  • 2 x Rear Superior Engineering Coil Springs
  • 2 x Superior Engineering Remote Reservior Front Adjustable Shocks
  • 2 x Superior Engineering Remote Reservior Rear Adjustable Shocks
  • 1 x Superior Engineering Steering damper
  • 1 x Front H/D Adjustable Panhard
  • 1 x Rear H/D adjustable Panhard
  • 1 x Pair 3 inch SuperFlex Arms
  • 2 x Extended brake lines
  • 1 x Extended diff breather kit
  • 1 x Extended brake proportioning valve bracket
  • 1 x 4340 H/D adjustable Drag Link
  • 2 x Damper brackets
  • 2 x coil drop out cones
  • 2 x coil retainers
  • 2 x Rear upper adjustable Control arms


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5 Replies to “Nissan Patrol GU Wagon Gold 60387”

  1. Hi there guys I love the look of This car I’m just wondering what size wheels and tyres are on this set up ?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Zlat,
      Thanks for your enquiry on this. Please call (07) 5433 1411 to discuss your options and quote.
      Cheers, Superior

  2. Hi, Good Day to you. I really like this set up. I’m wondering where can I get the rear bumper for this set up. I have a Nissan Patrol Y61 in the Philippines. Thanks alot.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Unfortunately the rear bumper on this particular vehicle was already installed when had the vehicle in our workshop to upgrade the suspension. A lot of bumpers like this are made here by the owners of the vehicle and not mass produced by companies.

      Sorry we couldn’t be of assistance.

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