Nissan Patrol GU Wagon Black 75493


Nissan Patrol GU Wagon


4″ Inch HyperFlex Kit


This is a NEW Superior Engineering Hyperflex Hybrid Radius Arm lift kit to suit the GU Nissan Patrol.

These HyperFlex arms don’t just offer extreme levels of flex for the front of your Nissan patrol, they also handle extremely well on road.

What’s In The Kit:

This custom vehicle fitout includes the following Suspension parts:

  • Coil Springs (Front and Rear)
  • Superior Hyperflex Arms
  • Superior Hybrid Drop Boxes
  • Superior Superflex Plate Kit
  • Superior Long Arm Kit
  • Superior Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  • Superior Coil Drop Out Cones
  • Superior Coil Retainers
  • Bumpstop Extensions (Front and Rear)
  • Superior Adjustable Panhard Rods (Front and Rear)
  • Superior Swaybar Rod Ends
  • Superior Heim Joint Draglink Solid Bar
  • Superior 4340M Comp Spec Tierod
  • Superior Brake Lines
  • Superior Adjustable Monotube Remote Reservoir Shocks (Front and Rear)
  • Superior Shock Reservoir Mounts
  • Superior Coil Tower Brace Kit
  • Superior Shock Tower Lift Kit
  • Superior Steering Damper

NOTE: The custom fitout and accessories fitted in this setup are optional extras! Please contact us.


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