Nissan Patrol GQ SWB White 38567


Nissan Patrol GQ SWB


Custom Built Superior Engineering 3″ inch lift kit


This fitout is a custom built Superior Engineering 3″ inch lift kit to suit the short wheel base (SWB) GQ Nissan Patrol.

What’s In The Kit:

This suspension kit includes the following Suspension parts:

  • Hybrid Superflex Radius Arms with Drop Boxes
  • Superflex Swaybar Kit
  • Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Control Arms
  • Coil Drop Out Cones
  • Coil Retainers
  • Superior Steering Damper


4 Replies to “Nissan Patrol GQ SWB White 38567”

  1. Hey,I have a patrol swb after a 5 inch lift, should I get upper control arms adjustable shorter or longer than factory?

  2. hi I have a 5 inch Dobinsons Spring & Suspension lift kit including drop boxes. on 33’s
    I am looking to reduce this to a 3 lift suspension kit could you advise me what is needed and what price
    thank you

    1. Good morning Kay,

      To lower your Patrol from 5″ to 3″ you will need to replace your coils and possibly shocks.

      This will depend on a few factors.

      Shock open length and coil free height being the most important, Brake Bias Bracket/Extension and Sway Bar Links.

      I’m assuming having a 5″ lift already you have adjustable Panhards, Upper Control Arms and Draglink?

      If so you will need to adjust these to suit the new static height.

      Your drop boxes will be fine.

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