Mazda BT50 Dual Cab White #96998


Mazda BT-50 White Dual Cab


Superior Chassis Brace/Repair Plate


This White BT-50 was on the hoist recently at Superior Engineering being fitted with a Chassis Brace/Repair Plate.

Some IFS Utes are known to have a weakness in the chassis that can cause them to bend and in the worst cases crack when carrying or towing even moderate loads. These failures can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken vehicle.

Superior Engineering has designed a chassis strengthening brace to help increase the strength in specific areas of the chassis.

These braces are laser cut for easy fitment with clearance for welding to the chassis, the kit comes with full installation guide.


View this Superior Chassis/Repair Plate for the BT-50 Here

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