Holden RG Colorado White Dual Cab 85454


Holden RG Colorado Dual Cab White


Superior Nitro Gas 2″ Inch Lift Kit


Fitted to this late model Holden RG Colorado whilst on the Hoist at Superior was this is a Premium Superior Nitro Gas 2″ Inch Lift Kit.

This 2″ Nitro Gas Kit comprises of the following parts:

  • 2 x Front Superior Coil Springs
  • 2 x Front Superior Nitro Gas 2″ Struts
  • 2 x Rear Superior Nitro Gas 2″ Shocks
  • 2 x Rear Shackles
  • 2 x Rear EFS Leaf Springs
  • 1 x Extended U-Bolt Kit
  • 1 x Polyurethane Bush Kit


View the Superior Nitro Gas 2″ Lift Kit suited for the Holden RG Colorado Here

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