Ford PX Ranger Dual Cab Silver #82026


Ford PX Ranger Silver Dual Cab


EFS 40mm Lift Kit + Rear Sway Bar


This lift kit can handle both tough four wheel driving conditions as well as comfortable highway touring.
This EFS comfort ride kit will have your truck sitting 40mm higher than standard, while still retaining a smooth super comfortable ride.

What was fitted:

  • 2 x EFS Elite Front Struts
  • 2 x EFS Elite Rear Shocks
  • 2 x Rear Leaf Springs
  • 2 x Front Coil Springs
  • 2 x Greasable Shackles
  • 1 x Polyurethane Bush Kit
  • 1 x U-Bolt Kit

This fitment included the following extra fitted also:

  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar

NOTE: The fitted extra listed above was an optional extra and not part of the EFS Lift Kit!


View This EFS 40mm Lift Kit Here

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